Poems by: Onfwan Fouad Translation by : Slimen Zougari

Poems by: Onfwan Fouad
Translation by : Slimen Zougari

Poem by: Onfwan Fouad
Translation: Slimen Zougari

Writing unveils the virginity of our insides
Writing out of the boundaries of thought
Is in itself an endeavour
It doesn’t matter if was
Deeper than all the pits
And higher than all skyscrapers

I’m trying to give birth
Of me
To give birth to more and more ideas
To get them one by one from my womb
One time I abort some of them
Another time I clone myself
It’s nothing more than a bad habit.


Poem by: Onfwan Fouad
Translation: Slimen Zougari

I hug the clouds

I walk
In line with fog
Holding a cloud by the arm
Someone has moved the mirror of the sky
A reflection of a talkative lightning appeared
I was bound to come down
In the form of water
I drown the world in a cloud’s shadow
And leave the water
Mingled with the fog’s dream.


Poem by: Onfwan Fouad
Translation: Slimen Zougari

Here in front of you
Lies an outdated poem
A craving on the verge of emancipation
Lies are unbelievably true
Called you after three failures
While you were sending me
The features of your coffee
Don’t write to me again
I want you coffee-less
I need you
With that taste
Wrapped by those coffee seeds
That will be grinded them between thighs and tits
In order to announce
The righteousness of your apostasy

I want you with your pure drunkness
Empty of everything
Don’t feed your mind
With the caffeine of that blue orgasm
After thinking about our conversation
Cut off from the trunk of craving

The gloom that will welcome you
Is a half-light fallen
From the tree of loneliness
The electric wires leading to your heart
Are where nightingales chose to rest
On their ropes, a song stands still
With a hanged meaning

Since three clouds
Poetry have been floating
And the rain didn’t figure out
How to put sad poems
In the right order

The gloom here
Is neither desolate nor jubilant
It only lacks the chatter of kisses
Pillows stuffed by lovers’ heads
It misses legs hugging legs
Until beds throw away their lingerie.





Artwork by : Onfwan fouad

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