The Symphony of the curly eyes_ poem by : Ghadah Kamal

photography by : Ghadah Kamal

The Symphony of the curly eyes

By : Ghadah Kamal :

A curly eyes
Wingless butterflies
A single artery crucified on the wall .

boxes of Sulfur without ceiling

Black bags at the clinic’s door
The clinic packed with hanged fetuses

The smell of blood smells from Butcher’s shops .

The voices of the birds that begging

on the edge of the altar ,
the Crows are waiting for the massacre

Children cuffed in uniform on the edge of the sidewalk waiting
Drunks go back to their holes .

A woman spreads her underwear and bedding ,
To mesmerize the world with what her beauties did with her Bull at the night .

Banner of the doctor who injects Botox inside hearts .

Billboards about Beauty ,
and Billboards about new compounds ,
Lame old bus .

At the edge of the end of the road ,
there is a woman embraces two children ,
and there is a Music from some home ,
and the trumpets of the cars .

Then she embraces her babies And jump in the river .


The girl smiles at the entrance of the clinic

Welcome to our liposuction clinic .

Voice in front of black bags .

Boy, carry these stinky bags .

The birds at the edge of the altar are crying ,

and the crows are screaming , Then a woman floats over the Nile

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