The store of the Damaged brains _ Poem by : Ghadah Kamal

Collage : Ghadah Kamal

The store of the Damaged brains

By : Ghadah Kamal

I will open a store that sells damaged brains.

My goods will not be expensive .

I will help idiots to look more stupid in the shadows .
The store name will be ” Phantom of the Opera “
Shelves contain brains at reasonable prices .
Human brains, monkeys, frogs, and crows .
It will be available to humans from now , to change their brains here in my store while dancing on ;
( The phantom of the opera) music .

A young man was betrayed by his girlfriend, so he decided to replace his brain with a fish’s brain .

and in the village he became called ” the fish man “

Another woman lost her son in the war, and she replaced her brain with the brain of a woman with psychosis .

and many stories……..

One day a woman came without breasts and wanted to replace her brain with a tree , They say in the village that she lost her baby in an air strike and cut her breasts ,
and When we told her that we were not replacing brains with trees .

She removed her severed breasts from between her thighs, and shot everyone in the store.

The Brain Massacre was on music:
(phantom of the Opera)

The sky is raining frogs what a curse! .

Only the hesitation of a woman raving at the beginning of the road .

The funeral of a soldier who returned from the war without arms, and his mother made a wooden body for him, as if it was a funeral for Punicyo .

The sounds of war illuminate the boozers night .

The lights of the aircraft illuminate the bedroom of the prostitutes .

The air is saturated with death .

A woman without breasts , and No head s looking for the trunk of the tree .

Neither head sings loudly:

I feel the shade is more honest
Under the shadows our hidden features appear ,

There in the shade we are all look like each other .

the dogs are dogs
Humans are human beings
Monkeys become monkeys .

Do you think that is why those stuffed inside expensive clothes are afraid to walk in the shadows ?

I knew a woman who loved to draw shadows
She changed her eyes every day
There is a store on the edge of town
It sells used eyes at discount prices .

and one day, she decided to sell her tongue and buy a new nose .

She stood in front of her shadow,
and she pulled her tongue out ,
, and then she cut it while she was laughing .

Then she remembered that she wanted to sell her breasts and replace them with two gears .

She looked at her severed tongue and cried.

The closed rooms are full of spiders .

The Ceilings are spiders’ homes .

How happy!

I imagine how happy I was when I was hanging from my feet in the ceiling of the room .

I watch everything silently and I made a guitar to turn it into a Spider’s web and attract all those I dislike to it , and melt it with acid in the shades of the room .

I am not a spider but I love the wooden frog ,
and i love Its collective croak …….
like a symphony walking at the shadows of the night .

Oh if I were a wolf ……
I love wolves that live only in the shadows .
In the shade

Then she walk around herself in an acrobatic dance .

She kills herself by the trunk of tree .

wailing , Falling frogs , a soldier without limbs,
a woman with Delirium
a store for body parts
Bomb’s sound

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