GEORGES HENEIN Healthy Remedies

Healthy Remedies

Friends whose names smell powdery
friends to pick up from the gutter
friends named like cosmetics
friends whose portraits rush away
get some lovely dogs
some chains of ignorance
some mighty weapons
some holy prayer
some unwanted musicians
some stabs in the back
some lengthy absences
in necessity’s chalet
in the lascivious city
the city in ashes
the city in tears
the city in red
where fingernails flourish inside
and nerves outside
where flowers flourish only in mouths
friends alike and gone before your time
get some long days of rainfall
and may your conscience envy
nothing in that iron to sell
but keep quiet!
in the distance you hear a great noise of eyebrows
by chance they are thieves
coming to free us from thieves’ fear
pirates coming to free us from the storm
it’s what’s after us coming to free us from the deluge.

B.L.C,city _______

كاتب وشاعر وفنان تشكيلي وباحث في علوم النقد الأدبي والفني ومترجم

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